LX2048: Sci Fi Drama (Interview With James D’Arcy, Guy Moshe, Anna Brewster)


Interview By Paul Salfen


Paul Salfen talks to writer and director Guy Moshe and actors James D’Arcy and Anna Bennet about this Sci-Fi drama about virtual reality, human cloning and AI.  In a new, altered pandemic reality, the theme of the movie is brought eerily close to home in this timely film.

It is 2048. Mankind has by now destroyed the ozone layer to such a degree that normal human beings cannot be out in daytime. People spend their waking hours at night and almost everything is done inside the virtual realm. From work to school to socializing, most people just stay home and conduct their affairs from their Virtual Reality designated spaces. Mental depression has become so prevalent that the entire population is required to take the state issued pill 001LithiumX. In this new world order, Adam Bird is a rare breed. Adam insists on waking up during the day. He insists on leaving his house and going to work in a physical office. He has 3 kids in a time when most people barely breed, and he adamantly refuses to take 001LithiumX, fighting to stay human in a world that is rapidly transforming into the artificial.

Production companies: Chimera Pictures, Lituanica Films
Distributor: Quiver Distribution
Cast: James D’Arcy, Anna Brewster, Gabrielle Cassi, Delroy Lindo
Director-screenwriter: Guy Moshe
Producers: Guy Moshe, Karolis Malinauskas, Linas Pozera, Matthew G. Zamias, Pedro Tarantino
Executive producers: Dragos Vilcu, Egidijus Jakavonis
Director of photography: thomas Buelens
Production designer: Paulius Seskas
Costume designers: Flore Vauville, Jouzas Valenta
Music: Sarah Decourcy, Ian Richter, Erez Moshe
Editor: Guy Moshe
Casting: Daniel Hubbard

103 minutes


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