Reviews By Paul Salfen

This is Paul Salfen with your KLAK Movie Minute. In theaters this weekend is the best time travel film of the year. That’s right, better than Tenet is Synchronic, the new film from indie darlings Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead. After success with Spring and The Endless, the duo made a smart sci-fi film that has an emotional impact and doesn’t lose the viewers. Starring Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan, the film follows two New Orleans paramedics that find some gruesome accidents based on what they think is a designer drug until a deeper look uncovers a wild unveiling when one of their daughters disappears. This one is worth your time – pun intended. Then there’s Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, a wild unexpected sequel to Sacha Baron Cohen’s film, which finds the comedian once again duping unsuspecting people into thinking he’s bringing his daughter as a gift to Mike Pence. It’s shocking, funny, and somehow sad at the same time if absolutely any of this is real. It will make you think between the laughs and definitely makes an impact whether this is your brand of humor or not. That’s it for this week. Join me next week and every week for another Movie Minute right here on 97.5 KLAK.


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