Interview by Paul Salfen

Nicolas Mouawad – Nicolas Mouawad is a Lebanese film and TV actor, working in the United States and the Arab world. He is known for His Only Son, Teleat Rohi (Drop Dead Diva), and Saabe’ Gaar. Nicolas has starred in some of the most-watched and critically-acclaimed drama series in Egypt, Lebanon and the UAE, including Hagar Gohanam: Black Widows, Wannous, and Abriaa Wa Laken: Innocent… However.

Nicolas Mouawad started his career in television as a host on the daily live show, “Rotana Cafe” (2003-2009). He also hosted programs on MTV Lebanon. His debut acting role was in Marwan Najjar’s television drama, Helm Athar. He then starred in numerous TV movies as well as Lebanese and Pan-Arab series, such as “Zero 4” and Ruby for which he won the Murex d’Or for Best Actor in 2013. The same year, he also won the Best Lead Actor Award at the London International Film Festival for his starring role in the feature film, Takaseem El Hob. He was one of the featured stars in the Pan-Arab version of “Dancing with the Stars” (2013). In 2016, he landed his first role in Egypt, starring in Wannous, one of the most-watched series of 2016. Critics hailed his performance and fluency in the Egyptian dialect, which lead to more roles in Egyptian drama. Because of the success he earned in Saabe’ Gaar, he landed the starring role n the Arabic-language version of “Drop Dead Diva” that aired on OSN. In 2019, he starred in his first English-speaking role in the American feature film, His Only Son.

SYNOPSIS: It is one of the most controversial moments in all Scripture– when the Lord God tested Abraham by commanding him to take his son, his only son, and sacrifice him on the mountain of Moriah. This feature film illustrates that striking account, following Abraham, his son and their two servants as they journey for three days to the place of the offering. Along the way, the men encounter dangers and trials as Abraham silently relives memories spanning the decades he and his wife, Sarah, longed for the son God had promised… the son he must now lay upon the altar. Answering age-old questions as to why the Lord would require such a sacrifice, His Only Son profoundly explores mankind’s relationship to God and encourages viewers to turn inward and ask: Can your faith still stand when you are asked to give everything?

From Director David Helling:

“The account at the core of His Only Son is one of the most controversial narratives in all Scripture. You would be hard-pressed to find another passage so scrutinized, scoffed at or misunderstood as the twenty-second chapter of the book of Genesis. With this film, I endeavor to answer the critics as well as the confused by exploring the meaning and purpose of God’s testing of Abraham, when He asked him to do the unthinkable 4,000 years ago. I look to shine a light on the plan the Lord had in place from the beginning, His promise of redemption and the part Abraham’s walk of faith so boldly played. 

For us now, the days seem darker than many of us can remember, and at a time when humanity is so downcast, we are in dire need of inspiration to lift us up again. May this film serve as a reminder that in the hard times, in the hurt, in the sadness and in the loss, there is a plan, and there is a purpose for it all. Personally, the last five years of working on this film have been the most trying and heart-wrenching of my life, but I pray, like me, you find encouragement in the testimony of Abraham. His faith was tested. Our hope was born.”


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