Actor Michael McQuary, known for his impersonations of Hollywood stars from the Golden Age; has had starring roles in films, including: Alchemy, The Diabolical Experiment; The Cruelty of Fu Manchu and The Strange Case of Mr. Jon A. Michael McQuary is an actor and writer, known for The Iron Detective: Underburn, The Strange Case of Mr. Jon A- (2013) and Fu Manchu Ch. 13 Watch Your Step (2015).

John Wisniewski: when did you begin drawing, Michael?

Michael McQuary: Age seven.

John Wisniewski:when did you become the man of 1001 faces. What interested you about Lon Chaney Sr. And Bela Lugosi?

Michael McQuary: My only refuges of connecting to anything I felt love for was extreme personalities and the magic of the movies. Especially the stylized and manner and grandeur of Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney Sr. —It was their whole being I felt apart of.

John Wisniewski: There was a documentary about you, Michael. How did this project come about?

Michael McQuary: There have been several interviews and all media mini docs, all may be found googling me or You Tube, Man of 1001 Faces by Jermaine Thomas; is the first short feature I believe – a documentary that is really that. — This is a fun podcast,

John Wisniewski:  You worked with Saturday Night Live. How did you meet these guys?

Michael McQuary: I Was a Mascot for Ted Greenberg’s “The Complete Performer” Live, a (somewhat) one man show. Ted was an Emmy Award Winning writer for The David Letterman Show. And through him and them SNL connections not really that much.

John Wisniewski: Could you tell us about your live performances. What is the audience reaction?

Michael McQuary: Usually astonishment and awe because I perform each number full out completely recreating entire what I loved about it the part of the movie – celebrity – set music- all physically.

John Wisniewski: what plans do you have for the future?

Michael McQuary: To carry on a strong presence in celebrating The Golden Age of Hollywood and Famous Monsters of Filmland – My Heroes. and to recreate astounding moments in photo captures of what only matters to me still – the magic of the movies.


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