Mon., March 13, 12:00pm, Alamo Lamar D (World Premiere)
Wed., March 15, 2:15pm, Rollins Theatre at The Long Center
Thurs., March 16, 8:00pm, Alamo Lamar C

Director/Writer/Editor/Music Dillon Tucker
Producer/Cinematographer Ricky Fosheim
Principal Cast Daniel Dorr (20th Century Woman), Hope Lauren (CW’s The Republic of Sarah), Landry Bender (Disney’s Crash & Bernstein, The Sitter, Fuller House, The Republic of Sarah), Jeffery A. Baker

Cooper Ganz’s seemingly perfect life quickly unravels when he is diagnosed with a crippling form of OCD called Pure Obsessional. This often-misunderstood illness forces him to question his identity and sanity, all while trying to keep it together for his fiancé, family, and co-workers. As he struggles to accept his disease, and the vulnerability that comes along with it, his world starts to open up. The addiction recovery clients he works with at a high-end Malibu drug rehab center return the favor and help Cooper through his darkest hour. Throughout his personal journey, he must help himself and others tackle a litany of universal issues – grief, coming-of-age, addiction, redemption and the power of social connection.
Inspired by the filmmaker’s own true story.

Filmmaker Bio:

Dillon Tucker, a Southern California native, is an acclaimed actor, filmmaker, and musician. Tucker’s directorial feature debut, Pure O, is a semi-autobiographical film that he wrote, produced, edited, acted in and provided the music for the soundtrack.

His first feature film That Side of a Shadow, which he co-wrote and starred in, premiered at the 2011 Santa Barbara Film Festival. Shadow went on to receive runner-up in the inaugural Rogue/AMC Big Break Movie Contest launched by Relativity Media and received worldwide distribution in 2011. Tucker co-wrote and starred in Gina Cassavettes’ directorial debut Love & Skin, acting opposite Nick Cassavetes and Heather Wahlquist. The film premiered at the 2013 Montreal World Film Festival. Tucker also co-wrote & starred in Uneasy Lies the Mind, the first feature film shot entirely on an iPhone. The film premiered at Cinequest 2014 and was a title design finalist at the SXSW 2014 Film Awards. Uneasy went on to receive worldwide distribution in 2015.

He is the founder of Ambyth West Entertainment, a content incubator focused on creating, developing and producing original character-driven feature films. Tucker is also an accomplished singer songwriter – having released 6 studio albums.


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