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Interview by John Wisniewski John Wisniewski: Can we speak about the collection of essays called "Punk Is Modernity"? When did punk really begin? Richard Cabut: "Punk is Dead: Modernity Killed Every Night is an anthology published by Zer0 Books, with contributions from some of punk’s most important commentators and participants including Jon Savage, Penny Rimbaud, Judy
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Interview by John Wisniewski William Elliott Whitmore is a is an American blues, country, folk singer and musician newly  signed to Bloodshot Records.  His new release Kilonova is a covers record, including songs by Bad Religion, Bad Religion, Bill Withers, Captain Beefheart, Johnny Cash, The Magnetic Fields, and ZZ Top. Whitmore has toured with Chris Cornell, City and

By Carla Sanchez Taylor (RiPple PudDle) DO NOT Miss The Kolars, Saturday, September 30th at Barracuda in Austin, Texas. More information on tour dates can be found at by Carla Sanchez Taylor (RiPple PudDle) It’s dark and shadows are present. It’s very late on a weeknight and the sluggish crowd is anticipating the Kolars
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