Interview by Paul Salfen

Multi-platinum alt-pop band Echosmith will be bringing their Fall headline tour to Dallas, TX on 11/5 at Trees. The band kicked off a new era with their single “Hang Around” and also today released a brand new, reimagined version of their triple-platinum hit “Cool Kids.” The band also recently filmed a live performance of the song at Billboard.

The timing of how “Cool Kids (our version)” came to be is serendipitous because Echosmith has been reflecting on how far they have come as a band, as a family, and as individuals and were preparing to launch a new era of music, creative freedom and independence when “Cool Kids” began trending on TikTok. More than 1.3 million videos were made by people using the original song to look back at their younger selves and appreciate how far they’ve come, including Demi Lovato, Drew Barrymore, Lindsay Lohan, Addison Rae and Hayley Kiyoko. After recently kicking off their next musical chapter with the release of their single “Hang Around,” it was only fitting that the band recreated a version of “Cool Kids” that reflects where they are today, both musically and in their lives.

The new bridge is also starting to trend on TikTok, already racking up more than 6 million views.

It’s powerful to revisit the song’s message of self-acceptance and self-love almost 10 years later, as the band and so many that grew up with “Cool Kids” have had more life experience and the perspective to see that individuality is what makes you cool, not “fitting in.” And in today’s culture of Instagram filters and social media, “Cool Kids” is still the perfect anthem of self-acceptance.

Re-discovering the joy of making music together as siblings and inspired by their life experiences over the past few years that have brought personal growth and newfound independence, the band will release more music in 2022.

The single “Hang Around” was inspired by Sydney and Noah’s relationships. The song is an open and honest love song about a pre-destined relationship with your perfect match – loving each other despite the imperfections and becoming the best version of yourself in the relationship.  


·         Inspired by their life experiences over the past few years that have brought personal growth and newfound independence, Sydney, Noah, and Graham Sierota are in full creative control for the first time. Much of their new material reveals the band’s commitment to warmly candid introspection and emerged from heart-to-heart conversations between the Sierotas – the kind that only siblings can have.  


·         Echosmith view music as a way to care for souls, and their mission is to spread love and positivity. For the band, music is a vehicle to understand themselves better and discover joys, fears and a whole spectrum of emotions that can lead others to make discoveries for themselves and open up conversations that can foster love, understanding, and kindness.  


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