A/J Jackson Of SAINT MOTEL On Music, New Eyewear Venture AVIEW


Interview by Paul Salfen

A/J Jackson is used to being on stage, looking out onto a crowd of people. He is used to touring with Imagine Dragons and Panic at the Disco, performing at Coachella, appearing on night shows like Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Kimmel. A/J Jackson is used to being the lead singer of the international platinum-selling rock band, Saint Motel.

But his creativity has expanded. A/J Jackson just became a founder.

Enter AVIEW, a new eyewear brand that allows you to take control of your everyday eyewear with interchangeable colored lenses. The same way songwriting ignites different emotions, he wanted his eyewear to ignite different perspectives.

Color affects your mood, your productivity, and your performance.

As your needs change, you should be free to change with them.

The concept of the slip-in came to A/J when he was struggling with his clip-on sunglasses. He found the added accessory difficult to carry with him on the go and could never find enough color options. Not to mention that a single pair of clip-on attachments could cost nearly as much as the prescription glasses themselves. So, with an intrinsic desire to effortlessly switch his eyeglasses into sunglasses while having a plethora of sunglass colors to choose from, A/J set out to create the solution with AVIEW.

The idea is to be a more colorful person – the ethos within everything A/J creates. The brand itself is minimal, modern, forward-thinking, and represents everyone’s desire to customize the way they see the world. A driving component to AVIEW’s design is the art and science behind color. For example, did you know that rose-colored glasses were used to improve the mood of Civil War veterans living with PTSD?

A/J has a definitive intention behind each color of slip-on lense available to the AVIEW wearer. For yellow, it is like drinking coffee for your eyeballs – blue will invoke a refreshing kind of calm – brown creates a nostalgic dreamlike state – and green provides clarity with good color contrast ideal for pilots.


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