The Largest Asian American Music Festival In The World, The Joy Ruckus Club Will Be Breaking New Ground In Music Industry, Streaming On Sessions Live October 17-18


Interview by Paul Salfen

Joy Ruckus Club is the biggest Asian American virtual music festival in the world. The festival is partnering with Sessions Live (Pandora’s former founder, Tim Westergren’s live streaming platform) for their two day continuous live stream festival Oct 17 & 18. The Joy Rukus Club is a humanitarian-oriented, online concert series led by artists of Asian descent. It’s a revolution in Asian American music. Joy Ruckus Club is a society of woke Asians raised in America who are in solidarity with all truthfully progressive movements of the oppressed and conquered. The promoter and curator, Kublai Kwon calls it a movement.

The headliners are some of the biggest names in this space including Eric Nam, Luna, Kevin Woo, Kid Trunks, DJ Cam Girl, James Lee, KAACHI , Ethan Kim, DJ Sura.

The concept behind the festival is: an Asian American music festival for a community that is usually overlooked when it comes to music, it serves a severely underrepresented demographic. The line up features 70 artists from every genre – Asian rappers, singer/songwriters, indie artists, rock, DJs, RnB, K-pop, dubstep, EDM. By being an online virtual festival, Joy Ruckus Club is able to bring together Asian artists from all over the world, in a way that a live show could not due to expenses of travel, visas, etc. Artists will be live streaming from North America, Asia, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Copenhagen, London, Dubai, Vietnam, Malaysia, UK + more

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San Francisco, CA September 24, 2020 — Today, Sessions announce their partnership with the Joy Ruckus Club and unveil the lineup for the largest Asian American virtual music festival in the world, October 17th-18th. Co-founded by digital music pioneer and former Pandora founder Tim Westergren and fellow entrepreneur and long time developer of virtual games Gordon Su, Sessions is the only platform that is spending money on marketing and production to help artists build a fanbase and earn an income. Now, Sessions is committed to partnering with promoters and booking agents to co-promote artist driven virtual festivals, beginning with Kublai Kwon’s Joy Ruckus Club.

Kublai, who has been promoting Asian artists in the US for 20+ years, believes in Sessions’ forward-thinking assessment. “With their resources and leadership, I think Sessions can corner the market for live streaming. They are in a unique position to be the #1 player,” says Kublai. “Together, we want to break records.”

The debut of Joy Ruckus Club in late August attracted over 700,000 music fans. Partnering with Sessions for their second festival, Joy Ruckus Club plans on expanding their reach to over 185 countries by leveraging the proprietary marketing technology of Sessions.

The Joy Ruckus Club is a humanitarian-oriented online concert series led by artists of Asian descent and is a revolution in Asian American music. 70 Asian American artists will perform in one continuous live stream from locations around the world, including North America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Copenhagen, London, Dubai, Vietnam, Malaysia, UK and more. Headliners include Eric Nam, Kid Trunks, Luna, Kevin Woo, DJ Cam Girl, James Lee, KAACHI, Ethan Kim and DJ Sura.

Westergren comments, “Sessions is dedicated to being the first global digital platform that truly serves and supports all artists and events. By launching the initiative with Joy Ruckus Festival, the largest Asian American virtual festival in the world, we are setting the bar high. Our goal is to support the overall music community, and bridge the gap between real live events and the virtual streaming world. We are investing in promoters by putting marketing money behind their events and using the full capability of our platform to generate revenue and make this a success for everyone.”

Joy Ruckus Club is a space for Asian artists from the underrepresented demographic to come together as one and showcase their talent exclusively on

VIP meet and greets packages with the headliners are available and will take place on Zoom, separate from the livestream. Audience members can purchase VIP options to get the meet and greet bundled with the two-day access ticket, and will get a meet and greet plus signed tour pass (like a badge that is laminated for a live show that signifies you belong backstage).

Tickets are only $2.99 early bird two-day access. Various VIP options are available.


Oct 17:
Eric Nam
Kevin Woo
James Lee
DJ Sura
DJ Seduza
Devyn Moon
Casper Sun
Leo Xia
MJ Apanay
Serin Oh
Wind Meets West
Aleyna Moon
Ash Haze
Band Famous
DJ Mix
Bayer & Waits
Czarina Cruz
Chris Valdez
Oct 18:
Kid Trunks
DJ Cam Girl
Ethan Kim
Ruby Ibarra
Chow Mane
Jason Chu
Heesun Lee
CXCX Chu Chu
Micah Street
A.J. Crew
Yejin Hong
Alo and Gnyus
Lou Jay
Crash Dummies
Lil Waterboi
Samurai Champs
Eddie Supa
Jahki Spooks
Reckless Escapades & Maruxa Lynd
Russ Coson
D.A. Freshout
Tuu Yung
Rajan Sahota
Clubby Yoo
Rocky Sandoval
A.R. Chubbs
Ice Cold King
Aryan Kapoor
Jeron Taek
Poet Initiative

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