Writer Anthony Horowitz and Actors Marli Siu, Brenock O’Connor and Ronke Adekoluejo On ALEX RIDER Season 2


Interview by Paul Salfen

In Season Two, Alex is still reeling from the traumatic events at Point Blanc, and desperately wants to return to a normal life. But when his new friend Sabina’s father, journalist Ed Pleasance, is attacked by Yassen Gregorovich, the man who may have killed his uncle, Alex reluctantly finds himself drawn back into the world of international espionage. Cut loose from his one-time allies within shadowy MI6 division The Department, Alex discovers a link between Ed, a dangerous hacker known as Smoking Mirror, and tech billionaire Damian Cray. With the help of his guardian Jack and trusted friend Tom, Alex must unravel a sinister political plot with global repercussions, the answer to which may be locked within Cray’s latest product, the global phenomenon video game ‘Feathered Serpent.’ This season is based on the fourth book in the franchise, ‘Eagle Strike.’


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