Interview by Paul Salfen

Relative newcomer comes out of nowhere to write successful screenplay? Not so much.  Alex Convery has been in Los Angeles for 12 years and has had two scripts optioned to the infamous “Black List,: with nothing coming of it.  When Ben Affleck expressed interest in directing the AIR script, written during the pandemic and inspired by “The Last Dance,” things changed – and brought tars Matt Damon, Viola Davis, Marlon Wayans, and more. star power to the screen.  Listen as Alex tells Paul Salfen about his journey to “overnight success.”

AIR: Directed by Ben Affleck and starring Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Viola Davis, and Jason Bateman, and based on the real-life events surrounding Nike signing Michael Jordan to an endorsement contract, Amazon Studios’ AIR follows sports salesman Sonny Vaccaro (Matt Damon) as he leads the greatest athlete of history, Michael Jordan, to work with Nike and create the most famous shoes of all time, the Air Jordan. AIR releases in theaters on April 5th.


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