Alan Munson: Mellow Psychedelic Folk Rock Fusion


Alan Munson

One Man's Journey

Psychedelic Folk Rock

One Man’s Journey is a compilation based on Alan Munson's real life happenings, a blend of singer-songwriter music and his experiences, accompanied by beautiful guitar and voice. It would be unfair to place Munson's music in a single genre — it’s a fusion of mellow psychedelic folk rock with the amazing atmosphere of the times. Originally released as private pressings, his recorded songs have a very intimate feel. Wonderful harmonies and meaningful lyrics will get deep under your skin, and the stripped down production gives these songs an even more intense personal ambiance. At times you can even hear British influences coming through his music, think of Nick Drake and the like.

John Wisniewski: Alan,  your music is featured in a Netflix film. Could you tell us about this?

Alan Munson: A couple years ago Netflix licensed the use of my music for a new TV series titled “EASY” which premiered in Fall 2016. “EASY” is a new original Netflix series, with a strong cast including Orlando Bloom, Dave Franco, Hannibal Buress, and many others. One of my songs, “Sightly Sue” from the “In Debt” album, appears in the last episode of Season 1 (“Hop Dreams”), and plays through the final scenes, closing credits and closes out the 1st season of the “EASY” TV series. Since then, the series has been renewed for both a 2nd and 3rd season on Netflix, and my music continues to appear in the EASY series.

Last year, my music was licensed for use in another TV Series titled “An Interview”, and my songs appear in the TV series shows “AN INTERVIEW WITH  LIV TYLER” and “AN INTERVIEW WITH PARKER POSEY”. Beyond that, my music has also appeared in some earlier U.S. and Japanese films. The licensing of my music for TV, movies and other video/film productions has been an exciting new direction for my music work.

John Wisniewski: How was your music discovered by a major label?

Alan Munson: In the mid-1990’s, I was very surprised to find out that the three albums I had recorded and released in the 1970’s had been rediscovered, and had become highly sought after albums by both the fans of psychedelic-folk music and vinyl record collectors. The albums had become quite popular in Europe and in Japan, and were selling for incredibly high prices when they occasionally showed up at trade/record collectors’ shows and on-line auctions like ebay.

Through that time period, I was in the studio recording a new album project, and had no idea anything like that was going on with my early albums. For years, I received correspondence from vintage music fans and collectors all over the world inquiring about the availability of my original albums and asking if there were any future plans for reissuing those records.

In 2007, I was contacted by Guerssen Records in Catalonia Spain with a proposal to reissue my original 1970’s albums on the Guerssen label. In 2008 I signed a record contract with Guerssen and they reissued my 1972 Cooley-Munson “In Debt” album, my 1975 solo “Good Morning World” album and my 1979 solo “First Light” album.  Guerssen designed, produced and released high quality album reissues, and distributed my music into a world-wide marketplace.

In 2011, I also contracted with Yoga Records in Hollywood California for the release of my albums as digital downloads and for the licensing of my music for use in Movies, TV and other film applications.

In 2017, I received a proposal from major label, Sundazed Music in Nashville/New York, for the reissue of my music on the Sundazed /Modern Harmonic Records label. We initially discussed the possibility of them either reissuing one of my albums or perhaps my full record catalog. However, we all loved the idea of releasing a new “Best Of” type compilation album of songs from my 1970’s albums and went with that plan. In August 2018, Sundazed/Modern Harmonic designed, produced and released the Alan Munson “One Man’s Journey” album, which includes 13 of my songs selected from my 1970’s album releases.

John Wisniewski: What may inspire you to write, Alan?

Alan Munson: I see songwriting possibilities as being endless really. My inspiration for writing can potentially be found in anything, anywhere, at any time. The sources of my song inspiration are certainly not limited to life changing events or complex emotional situations. I think some of my best songs were inspired by very simple happenings and situations (moments in time). I try to approach each song’s topic and  subject material from some unique perspective, or take an unusual direction with the song. The most important thing to me is that every song I write must be written based on my own, direct knowledge and personal experience with the song subject.

John Wisniewski: Your new album “One Man’s Journey” has been released by Sundazed Music. You must be happy about this.

Alan Munson:Yes, it has been great working with Sundazed Music / Modern Harmonic through all phases of the new “One Man’s Journey” album project design, production and the release. The design part of the process, the album graphics, album covers, liner notes were all exceptional and the resulting Vinyl albums and CD’s are high quality. The Sundazed staff is a very talented and creative group, and I have greatly enjoyed my association and experience with the Sundazed / Modern Harmonic record label.

John Wisniewski: Will you be back in the studio to record a new album?

Alan Munson: I am working on two new album projects at the present time. Too early for details now, but I hope to have a couple new albums, with all new material, released later this year. Actually, I have never really left the studio for any lengthy period of time over the years. The studio is an essential part of what I do in songwriting, composing, recording my songs and music. I have really enjoyed performing shows and concerts with bands and as a solo artist through the years, but I most love the creative work that gets done in a studio environment and the limitless creative possibilities it can offer.

 John Wisniewski:.what does the future hold for you?

I will continue writing, composing and recording music as I have always done. There are a couple new album projects I’m working on right now. Also, I would like to go through the over 400 songs I’ve written and recorded over the years and compile one or two albums of  the best, previously unreleased songs. It’s time to finally get those out to the marketplace as well. Beyond all of that, maybe there are more movies, TV or other film projects in the the future. The most important thing to me is to keep moving forward with my music work and whatever that may include, because I’m doing what I love to do!


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