Interview by Paul Salfen

It has been a long, hot summer of waiting and anticipation for fans, but it’s finally here…FOOTBALL SEASON! And while all eyes are on the field once the whistle blows, the party starts in the parking lot. In fact, 80% of Americans tailgate and 61% do it at least 5 times a season. Those costs add up quickly, but your wallet does not have to take a huge hit this year.

You can create an all-star event with all the essentials, plus some fanfare that will score major points with family and friends. How does a food spread of appetizers, mini pork sliders and ‘dogs’, snacks with specialty dips, and dessert for less than $8 per person sound?

Bob Guiney, ‘The Bachelor’: Season 4 and former football player for Michigan State University, LOVES the game and is ready to make you the parking lot MVP with tasty ideas and tailgating must-haves to show your team support.


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