Boomer Board Game BOOM AGAIN Creator Brian Hersch Says ‘It’s Lubrication For Rusty Social Skills’


Interview by Paul Salfen

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From the creator of Taboo, Outburst, and Super Scattergories, comes the perfect gift for the 80 million Boomers — Boom Again, a pop-culture trivia board game aimed directly at the Boomer generations who lived the answers. Boom Again draws people together and takes them on an enjoyable nostalgic journey of their youth by drawing on questions from 50s, 60s & 70s advertising slogans and jingles, politics and social movements, movies, music, and television.

The more than 2200 questions in Boom Again are even framed into relatable Boomer categories, including:
· Things We Heard
· Things We Saw
· Stuff We Learned on the Street
· Things We Learned in School
The game comes in a “cigar box” just like the ones Baby Boomers used to stash their prized possessions. Game tokens are full-sized authentic touchstones from the Baby Boom era, such as a metal skate key, a “Students for Kennedy” metal election button, a metal dog tag, a yellow plastic 45 rpm record insert, and more.


About Brian Hersch
Brian Hersch is one of the most notable board game designers in the industry having created dozens of the most popular party games over the last 35 years. Brian was a successful real estate developer in Los Angeles when the Trivial Pursuit phenomenon re-directed his career. His business analysis of its success revealed insights that led him to a different theory about “party games.” What followed was a parade of hit socialinteraction board games including Taboo, Outburst, Super Scattergories, Out of Context, ScrutinEyes, Malarkey, Oodles, SongBurst, and more. Over 40 of his games have been published, and have sold over 50 million copies through partnerships with Milton Bradley, Parker Brothers, Mattel, Hasbro, and Western Publishing, and others


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