CENTRAL PARK DARK: Cybil Lake and Tom Sizemore (Interview)


Interview by Paul Salfen

Listen as Paul Salfen asks Tom Sizemore and Cybil Lake about the premise of the horror/thriller film CENTRAL PARK DARK in this unexpectedly hilarious yet revealing interview. We hear about Tom Sizemore’s break in the film industry as he relates one of the craziest “Hail Mary” moments we’ve heard yet.

Tom Sizemore and Cybil Lake  star together in the horror/thriller film CENTRAL PARK DARK about a one-night stand that turns into a never-ending nightmare. Cybil is also the director of this mind-bending horror film that follows ‘Thomas’ (Sizemore), an alcoholic married doctor who has a one-night stand with ‘Nina’ (Cybil).

CENTRAL PARK DARK is a ‘Fatal Attraction meets Blair Witch Project’ set in Central Park. Cybil recast Central Park as a darker place of unknown forces. The picturesque parts of the park are displayed, but Cybil’s film digs into the park’s underbelly, the off-limits woods that might as well be in the middle of nowhere. This film illustrates how individuals can be completely isolated in a city of nine million people.


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