Interview by Paul Salfen

Huesera: The Bone Woman is a slow burn,  not so much a horror film as a testament to the fact that not all woman are gifted with maternal love and an interesting dialogue on what may be described as pre and postpartum depression with a Mexican myth employed as allegory.

The original myth which the film alludes to is about a bone woman who gathers bones in the desert. She collects all sorts of bones but her specialty is wolf bones. When she has assembled an entire skeleton, she sings to it until the wolf comes into being. The creature runs away eventually transforming into a woman who runs free towards the horizon.

Filmed with eye towards artistic, fantastical dream-like scenes during what could be described as a type of exorcism and the dawning of awareness that our protagonist that may not be cut out for motherhood, Huesera: The Bone Woman shows that not all women fall in line with a patriarchal society that expects women to fulfill a function of motherhood and servitude.


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