Interview by Paul Salfen


His Story: The Musical is a Broadway-style theatrical event, 2000 years in the making. In this new contemporary pop musical based on the life of Jesus, a common-man-from-a-sketchy-family arrives in the big city and defies expectations. He speaks great wisdom, but chooses friends from the dregs of society and hangs out in the wrong part of town. Mocked by the establishment, he is adored by the people. His Story: The Musical brings this iconic story into the third millennium with a contemporary voice and timeless perspective that engages the essential struggles of our global humanity reminding all of the universal power of love and redemption.



His Story: The Musical, is produced by Duck Dynasty’s Korie and Willie Robertson.  as well as being produced and directed by Tony nominated Broadway veterans – Jeff Calhoun, Director and two-time Tony Award nominee, and Bruce Lazarus, Producer and Tony Award nominee.

To describe  “His Story: The Musical,” think “Hamilton” meets “The Chosen.”  The show was written by Anna Miriam Brown, who was 16 years old at the time, she is now in her early 20’s. (Here is a film to hear her story.) It’s pretty incredible, she wanted a way to share the Gospel with everyone that was accessible and understandable to all generations.

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