Paul Salfen had a chance to catch Jamie Lee Curtis on the red carpet at Fantastic Fest last month, where Jason Blum from Blumhouse pictures premiered the latest installation of the HALLOWEEN franchise, forty years after the original.

It’s been 40 years since Laurie Strode survived a vicious attack from crazed killer Michael Myers on Halloween night. Locked up in an institution, Myers manages to escape when his bus transfer goes horribly wrong. Laurie now faces a terrifying showdown when the masked madman returns to Haddonfield, Ill. — but this time, she’s ready for him.

Curtis said “This movie is very, very scary.  I mean, it is. The character of Michael Myers is still scary.  The collision between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode – this innocent girl and the pure evil character worked in 1978 and it works again in 2018.”

Paul Salfen:  What made you want to come back to this character?

Jamie Lee Curtis: This is art. Danny McBride, Jeff Fradley and David Gordon Green called me and said we’ve written a version of the story where we are exploring generational trauma.  We’d like you to join us and tell the real truth about trauma.  So I felt that was my job.”

Paul Salfen: What sorts of things scare you in real life?

Jamie Lee Curtis: Politics scare me.  Lies scare me.  Crazy people scare me way more than evil people.  Evil people – you know they’re evil.  Crazy people are unpredictable and that scares me.

Paul Salfen:  What can we expect from this movie?

Danny McBride:  I hope people get the shit scared out of them.  That’s our main objective.

Paul Salfen: What scares you Jason?

Jason Blum:  Donald Trump.


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