Horror Film ALIVE Featuring Angus Macfadyen (Interview)


Interview by Paul Salfen

Paul Salfen talks to Angus Macfadyen, familiar to audiences as Robert The Bruce in the famed Braveheart film with Mel Gibson, about horror film ALIVE and also his reprisal role in 2019’s film Robert The Bruce.


SYNOPSIS: In the chilling tale, a severely injured man  and woman awaken in an abandoned sanitorium with no memory of who they are or what has happened. A sadistic caretaker (Macfadyen) discourages their questions and doles out punishments whenever they refuse to cooperate or try to escape. When they finally make their escape to freedom, they discover the answers to who they are – revealing even greater horror.

Run time: 1:30:57 (NR / TV-MA)
Directed by: Rob Grant
Written by: Chuck McCue, Jules Vincent


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