In THE PAINTED BIRD: Udo Kier Isn’t Bad, Just Jealous


Interview By Paul Salfen

Wartime Horror film THE PAINTED BIRD stars Udo Kier as The Miller, i n an unidentified area of war-torn Eastern Europe, where a young boy is sent by his parents to live in safety with his aunt. She dies and he sets off on a journey to return home. His adventures are a series of horrific encounters with ignorance, exploitation, and depravity. In the first village he reaches, an old healer exploits him. He is next taken in by a miller and his wife, who is one of the rare people he encounters who treat him kindly. After the miller gouges out the eyes of a younger man seen exchanging glances with his wife, the boy runs off. More misadventures and depravity follow him. Paul Salfen talks with Udo Kier about his role


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