Jake Bowen New Album Release THE DAILY SUN (Interview)


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Jake Bowen released his new album The Daily Sun on October 1.

Many know Jake from the prog rock world as the guitarist from Periphery. Outside of the GRAMMY-nominated band, Jake enjoys flexing his production muscle in electronic music.   The Daily Sun will mark his second album following his 2014 debut Isometric.

The album’s eight songs don’t feel like djent-y riffs transposed to synths — they’re simple, tightly crafted tunes that lower your blood pressure even as they pique your curiosity: “Drifter” recalls vintage Postal Service with its ringing keys and throbbing bass; the title track rides a sequenced keyboard pattern and hazy programming; “Mirage,” a collaboration with Matt Lange, gently weaves clean and distorted guitars into the software shimmer; both “Say Nothing” with singer Abbi Press and “I Am Error” with singer/Bowen’s best friend, Elliot Coleman add a soulful human touch. Lyrically, both features offer similar themes of loneliness and isolation, a relatable and central theme of living quarantined through a pandemic.

These contributors helped push Bowen out of his comfort zone, expanding his sonic universe.

About Jake Bowen: Hailing from New York, guitarist and electronic music producer Jake Bowen has been an integral cog in the GRAMMY-nominated progressive metal machine known as Periphery. Their 2010 self-titled debut solidified their place in the metal world and helped popularize an exciting new generation of music known as “djent.” In between touring and writing for Periphery, Bowen also composes and releases electronic music under his own name and collaborates with his Periphery bandmate Misha Mansoor on a project called Four Seconds Ago.  His first solo project, the Zu EP, was released in 2011 followed by his debut full-length Isometric in 2014 with both re-released in 2021.


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