You’ve seen it on everyone’s shoulder on TV, on the courts, and on the field, but how did the patch get on every player’s arm and what does it do?

Jerry Castello, a savvy sports nut entrepreneur who is outfitting his B1 Performance Patch (containing Thiamine, aka Vitamin B1) on nearly every NFL and NBA team for players to boost their stamina and energy.

This is also the underdog story of how Jerry did the impossible and struck a deal to become the official performance patch of seven Division 1 Athletic conferences, beating out Fortune 500 companies that before NIL, barred him from sponsorship opportunities. Now his patch is showcased on pro & college sports players across the country as he sponsors the conferences and goes directly to the players.

This 100% natural vitamin transdermal patch infuses the wearer with all-natural 100% liquid Thiamine (Vitamin B1), helping to increase and sustain energy, elevate focus, reduce stress, and transform carbohydrates into glucose used for fuel. The biggest names in sports won’t play without it. From training to game day, sports injury recovery regimens, and extra energy boost late in the game, this is the most wildly popular secret in sports, and we look forward to sharing it with you and your audience.

Not only a tenacious entrepreneur, Jerry is also the quintessential sports fan. He made headlines in 2020 (Bleacher Report, Las Vegas Review Journal) for using his NBA network to get the biggest names in basketball to compete in his “5 Tournament Pro Basketball Invitational.” Aired on Pay Per View, it stirred old NBA rivalries via iconic match-ups like the Bulls vs. Knicks featuring NBA legends Tim Hardaway, Charles Oakley, and Mario Chalmers to name a few. All for the love of the game.


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