Interview by Drew Pearson and Paul Salfen

Sean Kanan is reprising his role as the bad guy  in Cobra Kai: Season 5.  A antagonist in The Karate Kid III,.Kanan played Mike Barnes, an unscrupulous rival of Daniel La Russo at the All Valley Karate Tournament. This time around, his character may give us some surprises.

In speaking to the Desert Sun , Sean Kanan said ” ‘Look, you guys are geniuses. Nobody is going to do a better job on this than you are and I put myself in your very capable hands,'” “I also said ‘I’d like to infuse this with humor.’ I think there are moments where Mike Barnes is funny, especially in the finale. I also hoped there can be some multi-dimensionality in the form of redemption and regret for past behavior. The guys are fantastic and I’m so humbled and blessed they finally called on me to come play.”


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