THE VICE GUIDE TO BIGFOOT: Mockumentary Pokes Fun At Internet Content Creation


Interview by Christine Thompson

We interview  filmmakers Zach Lamplugh (Adult Swim) and Brian Emond about their hilarious feature THE VICE GUIDE TO FINDING BIGFOOT which premiered at The Austin Film Festival. The mockumentary stars Edmond as the disenchanted millennial working for VICE on terrible assignments, and Lamplugh as his always exasperated producer/cameraman.  Yearning to sink his teeth into some more important news stories, Brian accepts an assignment to interview a Bigfoot hunter and accidentally finds himself at the center of serious news.

Holding attention from the start of the film to the finish, clever comedic twists are added at just the right time, making this film both entertaining and a testament to the exercise in futility that is the internet-content making machine, the clickbait monster.  Said monster has a higher probability of inflicting damage (at least to our neurons) than any mythical monster called Bigfoot.


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