TIGER BOMB: Portland Girl Band Rips It UP (Interview)


Tiger Bomb is an all female garage-pop outfit from Portland, Maine, featuring Chris Horne from The Brood and Lynda Mandolyn from Fabulous Disaster, who have combined forces in a new rock & pop sound explosion, backed by the dynamic duo of Andrea Ellis on bass & Jessica Smith on drums. Tiger Bomb is an all-girl feline frenzy that fuses catchy original garage-pop songs with tight harmonies, ferocious guitars, and a high-energy attitude for a purr-fectly captivating experience.
Their debut LP “Uproar” (Dionysus ID:1233166) features 14 songs mastered by the renowned “Slaughter” Joe Foster (My Bloody Valentine; The Jesus & Mary Chain), and comes wrapped in original cover-art painted by Lisa Petrucci (Something Weird Video) in her infamous “Liddle Kiddles” style. Liner notes by the esteemed rock-music writer Jeff Tamarkin (Goldmine Magazine), pop-musician Paul Collins (Nerves; The Beat), and popular international radio personalities Mal Thursday and Palmyra Delran.

John Wisniewski: Lynda, could you tell us how Tiger Bomb was formed?

LYNDA: I moved to Maine from California in 2012. I was looking for other women to play music with. I had known Chris had been in The Brood and wondered if she was still playing music but I had no idea where she was or if she was still playing. A fan of both Fabulous Disaster and The Brood introduced us via the Internet in 2013! I couldn’t believe my luck. We played some songs together and found it to be a perfect fit (lucky me!). We discovered Andrea through an ad almost a year later. Drummer Jessica is our newest addition, she’s been with us for about a year now! Getting ready to record a new record in May and we couldn’tbe more excited!

JW:  As a songwriter in the group, what inspires you to write?

LYNDA: Many things, especially muses. I want to write songs that everyone can identify with, usually dealing with relationships,crushes, heartbreak and melancholy.

JW: Any favorite and influential bands?

LYNDA: The Beatles, Monkees, Go Go’s, Wire, Mission of Burma, My Bloody Valentine, The Muffs, 60’s garage, 70’s R&B, New Wave.

JW: What has the reception been for the new album?

LYNDA: Great! Getting awesome airplay and we did a killer record release party in Boston. Our goal is to hit Japan sometime soon. I toured there in 2002 with the Dickies when I was in Fabulous Disaster, and it’s one of my most favorite countries to play ever! Many thanks to Lee Joseph of Dionysus for putting the record out!

JW: Chris, what inspires you to write songs?

CHRIS: As a Gemini, my songs are inspired by the twin cities of my mind… (laughs). While playing my guitar or organ, I’ll come up with ideas I haven’t heard before, and develop them into a song. My lyrics usually touch on human nature, emotions, feelings, love and deceit.  Lately I’ve written some kicky adventure / super hero themed songs, like “Super Chick”, which appears on our debut LP, and “Astro Girl”, for our upcoming LP, which we’re about to record soon.

JW: Any favorite bands Chris?

CHRIS :I really like the early Easybeats, and lots of other 60’s Australian pop & rock groups… Most all the UK “British Invasion” groups, like The Kinks & DC5, and lots of mid-60’s American garage bands. That doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate a good blaster from the 50’s or 70’s. I like good music from any era.

JW: Lisa Petrucci did the album’s artwork. Where did you meet her?

CHRIS: Lisa Petrucci is amazing! Before moving to Seattle, she worked here in Portland, Maine at the Portland Museum of Art, and she would often come to see my first band, The Brood, when we played live around town. So we’ve known her for a while now, and when we sent her some unmastered takes from our “Uproar” LP, she really liked what she heard and wanted to do the cover art. She actually came out of retirement as an artist to do the cover painting. It’s incredible! She says she has again retired from painting, but, who knows? Her creativity knows no bounds! Right now she’s involved with some amazing projects with Something Weird Video. Visit the site and check it out.

JW: Joe Foster mastered the new album. What was it like working with him?

CHRIS: Excellent! He really helped pull the mix together. The work was done at The Diving Bell Lounge over in Glasgow, Scotland. Joe said we have some of the best singing he’s heard in quite some time. Joe is a fan of the UK mod group, The Creation, and even ran a record label by that name. It’s good to work with someone who knows and understands where our music is coming from. Poppy and powerful.


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