Writer Karin Slaughter Talks About FALSE WITNESS


Interview by Paul Salfen

Eight-Part Netflix adaptation of the bestselling novel PIECES OF HER (directed by Lesli Linka Glatter [Mad Men], and produced by Charlotte Stoudt [Homeland] and Bruna Papandrea [Big Little Lies]), coming soon


For the over the past 20 years, #1 internationally bestselling author Karin Slaughter has captivated readers with her poignant yet gripping New York Times bestselling thrillers.   Karin always looks to ask important questions with her fiction—like how we got to #metoo (Cop Town), how we became so inured to violence against women (Pretty Girls), or even how we ended up with an angry mob breaking down the doors of the Capitol (The Last Widow). She knows there is a delicate balance between writing about social issues and keeping up the driving pace of a thriller and she never wants to interfere with the rhythm of a story to climb onto a soap box. She also tries very hard to present both sides, even when she doesn’t agree with the opposing opinion, and it is with this in mind that she started writing FALSE WITNESS.



Leigh Collier has worked hard to build what looks like a normal life. She’s an up-and-coming defense attorney at a prestigious law firm in Atlanta, would do anything for her sixteen-year-old daughter Maddy, and is managing to successfully co-parent through a pandemic after an amicable separation from her husband, Walter.  But Leigh’s ordinary life masks a childhood no one should have to endure … a childhood tarnished by secrets, broken by betrayal, and ultimately destroyed by a brutal act of violence.  But now, the past is catching up…On a Sunday night at her daughter’s school play, she gets a call from one of the partners who wants Leigh to come on board to defend a wealthy man accused of multiple counts of rape. Though wary of the case, it becomes apparent she doesn’t have much choice if she wants to keep her job. They go to trial in one week. When she meets the accused face-to-face, she realizes that it’s no coincidence that he’s specifically asked for her to represent him. She knows him. And he knows her. More to the point, he may know what happened over twenty years ago, and why Leigh has spent two decades avoiding her past. Suddenly she has a lot more to lose than this case. The only person who can help is her younger, estranged sister, Callie–the last person Leigh would ever want to drag into this after all they’ve been through. But with the life-shattering truth in danger of being revealed, she has no choice…

 Karin Slaughter is one of the world’s most popular and acclaimed storytellers. Published in 120 countries with more than 40 million copies sold across the globe, her twenty-one novels include the Grant County and Will Trent books, as well as the Edgar-nominated Cop Town and the instant New York Times bestselling standalone novels Pretty Girls, The Good Daughter, and Pieces of Her. Slaughter is the founder of the Save the Libraries project—a nonprofit organization established to support libraries and library programming. A native of Georgia, she lives in Atlanta. Her standalone novel Pieces of Her is in development with Netflix, and the Grant County and Will Trent series are in development for television.





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