I am more than willing to admit when something is clearly not for me.  I will just say if you watch 3 minutes of CRISIS JUNG and loved it you will love the entire film. This is one of those intentionally crazy animated films done in the style of HEAVY METAL meets Anime. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the Parisian Studio Bobbypills fills every second and every inch of the frame with mayhem and blood.

I just reread the description of the film on the Fantasia website and it actually praises the film for cranking the intensity up to 11. So I guess they’re accomplishing their goals. There is a gigantic villain by the name of Little Jesus (for some reason), there is a character named Maria who appears to be a cross-dresser and there is a whole lot of head busting with brains popping out. Like I said, this is definitely a movie that some people will love, but not me.  This left me feeling like the most unhip person in the room.  It’s not a position I am comfortable with but in the case of Crisis Jung, I guess I will just own it.  Much like this film lacks any sensible plot.



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