Interview by Paul Salfen

This is Paul Salfen with your KLAK Movie Minute. In theaters this weekend is Halloween Ends, the final installment in the reboot of the horror franchise – and yes, it’s really over. This time around, Michael Myers has been missing for a couple of years and although it’s not clear what happened to him – and without giving spoilers, it’s pretty convoluted, but he returns – well over halfway into the movie no less to once again come after Laurie Strode, who is played one last time by Jamie Lee Curtis and more crazy kills and more chaos ensues. After a lackluster second film, this one feels like a nice wrap-up but it’s certainly not a perfect movie. Fans may not be happy about the lack of Michael Myers played well by the menacing James Jude Courtney, but they might be happy there is no crowd chanting “Evil dies tonight” again and it generally has a good story and finale for Michael, albeit a little silly. No matter what, if you’re a Halloween fan, this one is one to see because ’tis the season and it’s always good to see off your favorite horror franchise, even if it’s been a bumpy road along the way. That’s it for this week. Join me next week and every week for another Movie Minute right here on 97.5 KLAK and AMFM Magazine.


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