WE THE PEOPLE: Director Emmanuel Itier, Executive Director Sharon Stone Call For “Caring Economics”



From Director Emmanuel Itier (Femme) and Executive Producer Sharon Stone, WE THE PEOPLE is a worldwide exploration of the notions of Politics and Economics with the likes of Robert Reich, Deepak Chopra, Sharon Stone, Michael Beckwith, Nobel Peace Laureates Mairead Maguire and Tawakkol Karman, Vandana Shiva, Mark Wahlberg, and many others. If we cultivate caring economies and politics maybe we can build a sustainable planet full of peace, justice and love for everybody.

 “The images integrated into theses films are so powerful and impactful.
The message is so important and beautifully presented and I hope it can help
with the healing of humanity and our planet.”
– Dr. Jordan Paul, The Good Men Project

AMFM:  I understand the impetus for the movie We The People. But how did you get Sharon Stone involved?

Emmanuel Itier: Sharon got involved after I had pursue her to do the narration of our first Doc, THE INVOCATION, 10 years ago and getting finally a proper released through Freestyle Digital Media in December. It had been tough to convince Ms Stone to come on board as she is approached by so many people. Also I had to work hard to put together the best documentaries possible with an objective and inclusive agenda. When you watch WE THE PEOPLE you will realize we are not focusing at putting anyone, any party, down but we are focusing on the possible solution to better our Humanity and use the tools of politics and economics to build a sustainable future. Sharon was happy to join forces with us to spread a message of peace and love, of unity and focus to improve the situation and make The World great again, not only America.

AMFM: Revolution is a strong word. But is it something that you feel is needed in these times?

Emmanuel Itier: The term used is not revolution but RE-Evolution. Which means this is not your typical change at any cost and by any means. On the contrary the movie invites people to better communicate with each other, to build back bridges of relationship, communities. The focus is to be inclusive in a peaceful way. This is not an invitation for hate and for violence. This is a re-evolution of peace and love. How can we re-invent ourselves as one humanity all inter connected, all inter dependent from each other. Yes, we need a real change, a real shift of mind set and start looking again as collaborative forces and not as competitors, a peaceful neighbors and not segregated individuals. We need also a leadership inviting us to unite beyond our difference of opinion because we share the same land under the same sky.

AMFM: The politics of power is on such a large scale that most people don’t understand where they fit into the broader picture. They go to work, they make money, they try to survive. What is different about this approach to solving the inequities that exist?

Emmanuel Itier: We The People is truly about we the people becoming Peace in Action. This means every single one of us has to “run for office” which means we need to get more involved with our communities, our social clubs, our schools, our churches, our cities. We cannot stay passive and wait to be “saved”. We need to wake up, get out of the couch and participate to the real politics and the real economics. We the people all are the real politicians because we should be of service to each other and we are the real economics because of the trades we lead between each other. We just cannot wait to the governments, whoever and wherever they are, to fix our lives. it’s time for the unity of the people by the people for the people.

AMFM: This is a diverse cross-section of people. I was heartened to see Jon Paul Dejoria involved, he’s a well-known philanthropist, all around good guy. Can you speak to how this movement grew and involved people from all walks?

Emmanuel Itier: Like everything in life: when you put it in motion it becomes Alive! So we started with a few names we went after and then there was a true organic domino effect where one person recommended we interview one another. In the case of Mr. Jon Paul Dejoria it was serendipity as one of our producer, Celeste Yarnall (who sadly just passed a week before the release of our film! another sad casualty of cancer), had gone out with him when they were in high school together. They remained acquainted and Celeste proposed we invite Jon Paul and his Dear wife Eloise to come on-board as interviewees. They gladly accepted and we filmed them in their home of Malibu 2 years ago (the movie took almost 3 years to be made as we filmed around the world and with a no-budget situation!). I like that we have Nobel Laureates mixed with philanthropists mixed with movie Stars mixed with regular folks. It shows the rainbow of souls making our Humanity. It brings forth the realization that together, as one, we can become the change we want to see in the World.

AMFM: A just global society is a tall order. What is your hopes that this film will do for the average watcher. In other words, what do you want the takeaway to be from We The People? Does it involve any specific call to action? What can be done?

Emmanuel Itier: As I mentioned above, the main call for action is: RUN FOR OFFICE. Become your own agent of change. Dream first and then become the next President of the U.S.A or any country you live in. Don’t surrender to your fate but reach out and fight (with Peace and Love) for your Destiny. It’s all about vision, hard work and lots of luck! And as long as we keep caring for each other, be of service to each other, be the savior of each other, we can and we should be able to thrive and combat injustice, poverty, pandemic and ultimately realize we are not made to fight and kill, we are made to love and live. Become the miracle you want to see in the World! Right here, right now!


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