While the punk-new wave musical revolution was brewing on the Bowery and in downtown New York in 1976 and 1977, a new breed of underground filmmakers were beginning to emerge, whose work reflected the same rough textures and emotional immediacy as punk rock. One of the leading filmmakers of New York’s New Wave was Amos Poe, and his feature Unmade Beds was one of the first features from this movement to receive any significant attention outside the underground music and art scene. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

John Wisniewski: What was the experience like making Unmade Beds in 1976?

Amos Poe: It was amazing, from beginning to end, it was like trying o do a triple summersault above the Grand Canyon without a net for he first time, but I had tremendous help.

John Wisniewski: Had you made any short films prior to this?

Amos Poe: Yes, I’d made several hundred short, mostly music films in Super 8 and 16mm.

John Wisniewski: Any favorite film’s and filmmakers, Amos?

Amos Poe: In 1976 my favorites included Godrad, Wilder and Kurosawa, also Bergman, Antonioni, Bunuel, Sturges, Pasolini, Ozu, Chabrol, Lean… et. al.

John Wisniewski:  Is there a thriving independent film scene today?

Amos Poe: Yes of course, in Argentina, Iran, Poland, Romania… not sure if it can be described as a scene, nor is it truly independent, that word rankles.

John Wisniewski: Do you help script your film’s, and do you get involved with the writing and editing process.

Amos Poe: Yes I do all three.

John Wisniewski:  What was it like working with Cookie Mueller on Subway Riders – how did you meet her?

Amos Poe: Not sure how Cookie and I met, probably at CBGB’s but working with Cookie and simply knowing her was one of the great treats of life. And it wasn’t just her ‘look’ (totally original) it was also her voice. Miss her.

John Wisniewski: What was it like working with John Lurie – how did you meet John?

Amos Poe: Back in the late 70’s John was my neighbor, he lived below Eric Mitchell on 3rd Street… we met on the street I think. John was mostly fun to work with, he had a consistent ambition and imagination.

John Wisniewski: What will your next film be about, Amos?

Amos Poe: About a pyromaniac.

Here’s a clip from UNMADE BEDS, starring Debbie Harry (BLONDIE)


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