IMAGINE DRAGONS Frontman Dan Reynolds Almost Had His Career Derailed By Back Pain (Interview)


Interview By Paul Salfen

Dan Reynolds and Dr. Hillary Norton join Paul Salfen to talk about how a debilitating back disease, ankylosing spondylitis (AS) almost derailed his career as the frontman for Imagine Dragons.  He has AS –  and so do four of his brothers. He found out in his early twenties when he was running down the side of a mountain.  He went to doctor after doctor, and found no answers, it was a scary time period for him.  Finally a rheumatologist helped determine the problem. Now he’s a frontman for the Monster Pain in The AS campaign.

The symptoms:

On average symptoms first appear at age 25, with chronic back pain, stiffness, and changes in mobility lasting 3+ months.  The symptoms worsen at night in the morning, and exercise can make it feel better.  Too much exercise can hurt you.

There’s more information on the Monster Pain In The AS website.


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