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Interview by Paul Salfen After receiving worldwide praise for her one-take unscripted performance in her debut film, Victoria, Spanish actress Laia Costa has been on a roll ever since in interesting American indie films and continues the streak with Maine, a story about a married woman named Bluebird that goes solo hiking along the Appalachian

Interview by John Wisniewski John WisniewskI: When did you begin playing music John? John Blair: In the early 1960s when I was in high school. My first band was a surf band in 1963, The Intruders. John WisniewskI: What were some of the band's you played in? John Blair: After The Intruders, I was in a folk-rock group

After 30 years of thrilling audiences across the United States and abroad, The Phantom of The Opera is coming to Houston's Mischer Neurosciences Broadway at the Hobby Center November 7-18th. The big difference between past productions of Phantom and this one is Cameron Mackintosh's reinvention of the staging and scenic design.  There are also some

Worst date ever? How about being invited to a book club by an attractive woman only to be rated on your physical attractiveness and then murdered and ground up into sausage. In Guilhad Emilio Schenker’s new thriller, MADAM YANKELOVA’S FINE LITERATURE CLUB, making its international premiere at Fantastic Fest, Sophie (Keren Mor) has been stuck
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The Song Of Sway Lake is an absolutely stunning film, visually beautiful and haunting, with a fantastic period soundtrack with original music to complement the story of a family that can't let go of the past.  Winner of 15 awards from International Film Festivals, it's poignant and available for viewing on iTunes or in select
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